The IRC is releasing pre-draft “test” maps

The Arizona Independent Redistricting Commission started drafting congressional and state legislative district maps today, and will continue drafting through October 21st.

The commission has begun releasing draft maps they are calling “test” maps. You may have seen them. These test maps are examples of ideas that the commission is trying out but they are not at all representative of the final maps.

The test maps are designed to be a public record that will show every change from the original grid map so that citizens can track back to the original map.

So far, the commission has released five versions of a congressional map and two versions of a legislative map. Each version contains some additions to the previous version.

As you can see from the two versions of a congressional map above, the commission is making drastic changes to these test maps. They will continue to make major changes throughout the week.

The maps that the commission is scheduled to approve on October 21st will likely look very different than these early draft test maps.

The only official draft maps will be the ones the commission votes to approve on October 21st.

After the draft maps are approved there will be a final round of public hearings from November 1st – 23rd. It is important for you to testify at the hearings.