The IRC has begun mapping and adopted a “starting point” map

The Arizona Independent Redistricting Commission has approved a “starting point” map. They will be making changes to that map on a frequent basis through October 21st.

The starting point map is not official and it is not what our districts will look like. It is only a preliminary draft and it is designed to be changed.

On October 21st, the commission will vote to approve official draft maps. The draft map will be the first time Arizonans will get to see what our district maps may look like. The commission will then hold public hearings to get feedback on the draft map from November 1st – 23rd.

It is critically important to testify at one of the draft map hearings. The commission needs to know what they got right and what they got wrong. This will be the last chance to have input on the maps Arizona will use for the next ten years.

After the hearings are over, the commission will take the draft map hearing testimony into account, make changes to the draft map, and issue final maps sometime in December.

We will keep you informed of future developments and let you know when the commission is holding a hearing in your area.