How to make an online public comment on the draft maps

The commission has now moved on to their final phase and begun final mapping deliberations. The meetings will continue through December 22nd.

While the public hearings may be over, you can still submit a public comment online at any time. If you already testified before the commission in person, we encourage you to submit your testimony again online.

If there is anything you left out of your in-person testimony because of the two-minute time limit, now is the time to add it back in.

For example, if your previous testimony focused on your legislative districts, it is important to submit an online comment regarding your congressional districts.

Here’s how to submit a public comment online:

  1. Read our guide on How to Write Effective Community of Interest Testimony
  2. You can review your completed testimony by sending a copy to our Statewide Director Jay Wilson at jay@fairmapsarizona.org
    1. He will reply via email and set up a call with you
    2. He will answer any questions you have
  3. Visit the commission’s website and fill out the public comment form
    1. Enter your information, copy and paste your comment at the bottom, and hit submit

Your comment will then be entered into the public record.

Click here to comment on the draft congressional map.

Click here to comment on the draft legislative map.