Join our fight for fair maps!

Our organization is working with state and local leaders, hiring professional mapmakers and demographers, and using expert lawyers to hold the redistricting commission accountable. We will also be engaging the public when the maps are presented for review.

Taking these steps will help ensure that we get fair maps drawn in 2021 that are in line with the Arizona State Constitution. 

You can help us accomplish this goal with a generous gift right now. We need Arizonans like you to stand with us.

We’re counting on your financial support today to give us the resources we need to make sure we get maps that are fair to all Arizonans. 

Thank you,

Steve Gaynor
Founder, Fair Maps Arizona

If you would like to donate via check, please make it payable to Fair Maps Arizona and address to:

Fair Maps Arizona
3820 N 38th Avenue
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