Redistricting In Arizona

Every ten years our entire country redraws their state legislature and U.S. congressional districts based on the results of the U.S. Census.

In Arizona, a critical swing state which will likely be gaining an additional congressional seat, the process is controlled by an Independent Redistricting Commission. The commission has two Republicans, two Democrats, and one Independent member who control the map making process.

Unfortunately, the commission violated the Arizona State Constitution when it drew the most recent set of maps. Arizona went from having five Republican and three Democrat congressional seats before the 2010 redistricting, to four Republican and five Democrat seats after.

That swing was only possible because the commission violated the Arizona State Constitution and created districts that split apart cities, counties, and communities of interest!

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We aren’t going to let that happen again in 2021. We’re Fair Maps Arizona, an organization founded with the express purpose of holding the redistricting commission accountable.

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It’s likely that Arizona will gain another congressional seat in 2021. Unfortunately, if the commission violates the constitution again, it won’t be drawn fairly.

It already happened after the 2010 census. The new districts the commission created broke cities and counties apart, and lumped people together into districts that had no common interest.

The maps the IRC drew violated the Arizona State Constitution, and we aren’t going to let them do it again. Join our movement to ensure fair maps are drawn with a one time donation right now.

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Our organization is working with state and local leaders, mapmakers and demographers, and expert lawyers to hold the redistricting commission accountable.

We will be nominating principled members to be on the redistricting commission, providing them with critical mapmaking information, and engaging the public when the maps are presented for review.

Taking these steps will help ensure that we get fair maps drawn in 2021 that are in line with the Arizona State Constitution. 

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Steve Gaynor
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