Redistricting Updates: The IRC has hired a mapping consultant

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The Arizona Independent Redistricting Commission has just voted to hire Timmons Group and National Demographics Corporation as their mapping consultants. The two firms had submitted a joint bid.

In a 3-2 vote, Independent Chairwoman Erika Neuberg voted with Republican Commissioners Mehl and York in favor of the proposal. Democrat Commissioners Lerner and Watchman voted against the proposal.

National Demographics Corporation was the mapping consultant hired by the 2000 IRC. The firm drew the district maps that Arizona used from 2002 through 2010.

Now that the IRC has selected Timmons Group and NDC, Fair Maps Arizona will begin the process of hiring its own mapping consultant as a check and balance. FMA will be producing its own series of congressional and legislative district maps, in accordance with the Arizona Constitution, to compare against the IRC’s maps.

Drawing its own maps will be one of the key ways that Fair Maps Arizona can hold the IRC accountable by making sure the maps the commission produces follow the law, and are fair to all Arizonans.

FMA will be able to set its district maps up side by side with the commission’s maps to compare and contrast where they have got it right, and where they have not.

When the commission submits a draft map for public comment Fair Maps Arizona will use its example maps to organize effective public testimony.

Join Fair Maps Arizona today to help hold the IRC accountable and ensure our state gets fair maps.